High Purity (Bio-Pharma) Training

Orbital Eng. provide an introduction to understanding the high purity installation practices that are relevant to the Biopharmaceutical industry.


The course is targeted at:

  • System owners who want to expand their knowledge of the systems they own by understanding the construction methods that high purity install entails as well as the fittings and welding methods utilised.
  • Virtual 3d modellers would find this course of particular benefit when designing construction projects allowing them to understand and recognise the limitations involved when submitting a design for constructibility.
  • Supervisors (engineering & construction)
  • QA/QC’s
  • quantity surveyors.
  • Tradesmen who are seeking to up skill

Course Duration:

The introdution to high purity course duration is 1 day.

The advanced course is a 2 day course and delves into third party inspection and testing requirements along with a more in depth look at fittings and tube as well as a lot more.